Let’s #LiftAnother and do good

Whose load does the Lord need YOU to lift? Join with us and #LiftAnother as we draw close to Good Friday. Read more below.


At the recent General Conference, Elder David A. Bednar spoke of bearing up burdens with ease and the role the Atonement of Christ plays in doing that. For some reason, I’d never thought of the Atonement as an enabler to do good to others. I’ve always just thought about It’s impact on me personally as it relates to repentance and forgiveness. But of course Christ would have us lift others, mourn with them, comfort them, and go about doing good continually (Acts 10:38, Moroni 18:9)

As a lead-up to Good Friday, let’s do good and lift another by easing someone’s burden and helping them feel Christ’s love. Let’s see what acts of Christlike kindness and service can be rendered during this season when Christianity reflects on the Savior’s sacrifice for all of God’s children. Stretch yourself, seek out someone who really needs you, and do something to ease their burden. Whose load does the Lord need YOU to lift?

If you feel inclined to share your experience, add the hashtag #liftanother to your story on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or here in the comments. Consider inviting others to join take the challenge to #liftanother.


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