The Cost of Discipleship

meme-holland-love-1240450-tabletI had the opportunity to speak in a congregation this past Sunday, and as many in the church find to be the case, I learned more for myself than I was probably able to teach anything to those in attendance. The topic was Living True to Our Faith, and how the principles of commitment, covenants, and obedience enable us to do that.

One point that I rediscovered in my preparation is the idea that the cost of discipleship is sometimes high. The world today is very politically-correct and inclusive, regardless of spiritual or moral guideposts. For disciples of Christ, we find we can’t always be both PC and be true to what we believe is ok with God. Pick nearly any hot-button issue in society and culture today, and you will probably find that being on the side of what’s popular and being a disciple can’t always go together.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, an apostle of Christ, spoke on this very topic in April. Quite simply, he said “Be strong. Live the gospel faithfully even if others around you don’t live it at all.” It may not be easy, but there are blessings promised with discipleship.