Serious Discipleship

One of the greatest blessings of life and eternity is to be counted as one of the devoted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. – James E. Faust

I attended a church conference this weekend at which several members of the church spoke on a variety of assigned topics. One of the women who spoke made reference to discipleship, and what caught my attention was how she phrased it: serious discipleship.

service-allredSo, what is serious discipleship? I think that at the heart of serious discipleship is loving and serving others. Additionally, obedience to the Lord’s commandments is a principle that serious disciples of Jesus Christ strive to adhere to daily. There are times where I’ve been prompted or impressed to do something for someone else, or go and visit someone, or share my testimony of Christ with another. If I’m serious in my discipleship, I would “go and do as the Lord commands” (1 Nephi 3:7) every time. I wish I could say I always “go and do,” but I don’t. It’s something I have to recommit to daily. However, I know that with obedience comes blessings greater than what’s required, and that inspires me to be more serious in my discipleship.

Discipleship has brought purpose to my life. Knowing my relationship with God is a father-son relationship, and that the Savior Jesus Christ is my older brother, is a daily motivation to do better, be kinder, and serve more selflessly. Discipleship and obedience have brought spiritual strength to me that has helped me through challenges and trials.

How has serious discipleship affected your life?


Are Mormons Christians?

christ-calling-peter-andrew-harwood-83107-mobileThis is a question that I hear occasionally, and am always glad when friends ask me. I think the reason this question comes up is that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are often referred to as “Mormon.” That “nickname” comes from The Book of Mormon (and quite frankly it’s usually easier to say than the longer, formal name of the Church).

As the official name of the Church suggests, we do consider ourselves Christians. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and was baptized in His name. We believe in the same Christ that was born in a stable in Bethlehem, the same Christ who raised the dead, healed the sick, and ministered to the poor. The same Christ gave his life for my sins and all of God’s children, and rose on Easter Morning. It is that same living Christ that I look to for salvation, hope and direction.

One of the questions I had when learning about the church was why I never saw a cross in Mormon church buildings. I came to understand that it is because Mormons focus on Christ as a resurrected Being, and it is Him that we worship. This is His church, and it bears his name.