3 reasons to see Meet the Mormons (and learning about Mormons isn’t one of them)

I’m trying to think of the last time I took my family to a movie and came out

1) with everyone saying they liked it,

2) feeling inspired to be better, and

3) knowing that the money I shelled out for six tickets was going to be donated to charity.

That’s what happened Monday night when we took the family to see Meet the Mormons for Family Night. Now before you think I’m writing this to say you should go see the movie so you can understand my faith better, hear me out. …Because I’m not going to say that, nor am I certain this movie would even do that for you.

Look at those attentive faces! This may have been just after I said "No, I'm not buying you popcorn."

Look at those attentive faces! This may have been just after I said “No, I’m not buying you popcorn.”

First, everyone liked it. With four boys ranging in age from four to 14, finding something for everyone is no easy task. True, I think they were excited to see the word “Mormon” on the big screen, but probably not as much as if we were seeing a superhero action flick. A young woman in Time Square in NYC introduces the film as, yes, about Mormons, and light-heartedly shows how the faith is sometimes misunderstood and frequently graces punchlines in mainstream entertainment (they boys perked up when the clips from The Simpsons and South Park came on screen). All in good fun, and it gave us all a chance to laugh at ourselves. The intro simply positions some of those common misconceptions, but it’s over very quickly.

Second, I left feeling inspired to be a better person (employee, neighbor, husband, dad, son, community member). I think the last time that may have happened is when I went to see, um, I can’t remember. I just said I don’t even think this movie is intended to help people understand our faith better. The reason I say that is that after watching all 118 minutes, I realized this movie could just as easily be called “Meet the Methodists” or “Meet the Rotarians.” Point is, every group, be they faith-based, community-based, or service-based, has members who are UNextraordinary by societal standards but do incredible good in the world. The movie features six individuals from around the globe who happen to be Mormon, but lead lives focused on doing good. After each vignette, I thought “Ok, this one is my favorite” only to find myself saying the same about the next story. I am so blessed to know people in my every day life from all backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs who inspire me to try a little bit harder to be a little bit better. If you like movies like that, I guarantee you’ll come away feeling the same and, almost as an after-thought, remembering “Oh yea, they were Mormon.”

Tertiary (ok, that’s a fancy word I recently learned for “third”), net proceeds go to charity. That’s right, net proceeds (box office proceeds less distribution expenses) from the theatrical release of the movie go to the American Red Cross. Read more about that here in the Red Cross’ own announcement, and on the movie’s website here.

No fancy summary, just please consider going to see Meet the Mormons. If you do, I’d love to hear what you think so please come back and leave a comment for me.

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